The Family’s Role in the Drake Treatment Program

For 85% of patients, the complete ADHD Neurofeedback program is 32 treatments. The heart of this program is to challenge those areas of the brain that function inadequately and to allow them to perform at a new and effective level.


Parents and Family Play a Critical Role in ADHD and Autism Treatments

Our orientation defines your role as well as Drake’s in the treatment process. Families that are aware of their responsibilities in the treatment process have much greater success.

The impact of out treatments is proportional to the family’s commitment to the time and effort to participate in them. Many patients show visible results within 8-10 treatments, and the majority are clearly impacted by the 5th week of care at approximately 12-15 sessions. This is the time when family support is most critical.


Why the Family Plays an Important Role in Treatment

The learning process is the central mechanism for change in out treatments; without sufficient motivation on the patient’s part, we will see only partial results.

Skepticism and negative regard from family members will significantly undermine results and can be the primary cause of “another failure” in the patient’s life. The family needs to understand – and live – the fact that the patient can master this simple process – regardless of their prior history.

We all must be opened minded. Let’s not allow past failures to create new ones.

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