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Payment Policy


What to expect

After attending an orientation followed by your private consultation, you are ready for the next step in pursuing help from the Drake Institute. This is a two phase process – each involving several steps. Although we do testing to establish a Diagnoses, we are a FullCare Treatment Center and our families are committed to start treatment once the process is started.

Phase One

Phase one is the initial evaluation and brain map which gives us an accurate diagnoses to move ahead with an individualized FullCare treatment plan. Although the BM is almost always done in conjunction with the initial evaluation, there may be an exception when our clinicians are unsure if we are able to treat a patient so the BM is done prior to the evaluation to determine the next step.

Once we have completed the BM and the evaluation, we are ready to begin the treatment process. Payment is due at this time for phase one; it includes the evaluation, the brainmap and the prescribed treatment sessions.You may pay for treatment with CC, check, cash or with our finance plan featured below.

Phase Two

The brain map may indicate the need for further testing to determine additional processing problems. This would be phase two of the program. Most people with ADHD, or those that fall under Autistic Spectrum disorders, often have secondary disorders such as auditory processing disorders, cognitive learning disorders, etc.We will do additional testing after a prescribed period of time to determine when and if these disorders exist. Payment is due at the time of the additional testing.

The Drake Institute Medical Finance Plan

The Drake Institute is pleased to offer our families an interest free medical payment plan with Chase Health Advance which gives qualifying families the option to pay for treatment interest free over a two year period. This is a very easy process and we are able to seek approval from Chase at the orientation once you have scheduled your evaluation and Brain Mapping. This means that families can start treatment immediately for as little as $260 a month. Please discuss this option with our financial coordinators at the time of the orientation.

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