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Drake Treatment Plan


The Drake Treatment Plan

To ensure the highest possibility of success we must all work together: the family, the school, and Drake.

The result of the Evaluation & Screening will be used to form a plan for successful care based on the individual needs of each patient. Because The Drake Institute is a comprehensive treatment facility, the necessary treatments can all be provided at our clinic. We begin treatment upon the completion of the Eval/Screen and, when indicated, further testing dates will be scheduled.

Although each case is unique, each also shares common characteristics with the thousands of patients seen and treated at The Drake Institute. We generate the best pathway to a resolution of the patient’s symptoms from this database of patient success.

Plan Includes:

  • 32 interactive Neurofeedback treatments (more for hyperactive ADHD and autism).
  • Periodic meetings with parents/patient or other family members as needed.
  • Parent/patient education regarding ADD/ADHD and learning disabilities.
  • Parent/patient education regarding the biofeedback/Neurofeedback process.
  • Ongoing feedback regarding Neurofeedback and/or other adjunctive treatments (e.g. Fast ForWord, Social Skills groups).
  • Effective parenting techniques to use with ADD/ADHD symptoms.
  • Teaching a behavior modification system for home and school.
  • Education regarding rights to learning interventions and assessment resources available through the school system.
  • Tools for parents/family members that will help the patient generalize the Neurofeedback process to home and school or work. This is necessary for long-term and lasting change.
  • Ongoing Assessment for added care needs, referrals provided as needed.
  • Support to facilitate stress and conflict reduction in the home and to promote a healthier, more positive environment.
  • Support to help alleviate relationship difficulties between siblings, parents and/ or spouses
  • Teacher/ school support as needed
  • Gradual Phase Out schedule and ongoing follow-up for a minimum of one year after treatment completion
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