Drake’s Accelerated ADD/ADHD & Autism Treatment Program

The Drake Institute of Behavioral Medicine is a world-class ADHD and Autism treatment center with 35 years of clinical successes, including over 10,000 patients who’ve reduced or eliminated their symptoms without relying on medication.

To expedite the treatment process, we’ve developed an accelerated non-drug program for treating ADHD and Autism in kids. This program leads to the same long-term positive results as our traditional, longer program, but at a significantly faster pace.

Families in need of quick results due to limited time schedules will find no better solution than our accelerated Autism and ADHD treatments for kids.

As a medical clinic, we’re able to bring a more extensive level of knowledge to our non-drug treatment program for kids, while our physician’s oversight for each patient ensures that we’re providing the most effective, most comprehensive treatment possible.

Initially developed 20 years ago to accommodate out-of-town patients traveling to the Drake Institute from all around the world, our highly successful Accelerated Treatment Program requires just 6 weeks for ADHD treatment, and just 8 weeks for Autism Spectrum Disorders treatment.

If your family faces a limited block of time available for treatment, this program is your best opportunity to seek a faster resolution for your child’s difficulties

Candidates for the Accelerated Treatment Program

Not everyone needs to enroll in our accelerated program, but if you or your family fits into any of the following categories, then we would definitely recommend enrolling in the accelerated program instead of our traditional treatment plan:

  1. Families in need of a more immediate solution to their child's symptoms
  2. Out of town patients with a limited block of time available for treatment
  3. Kids on the verge of failing out of classes, or facing other immediate crises

The accelerated treatment program is typically utilized during Summer vacation (between school years), but is available to be started at any time of the year.

In fact, even if your child is currently enrolled in school, we can still help. Our medical director has personally helped children and adolescents who were being overwhelmed in school academically (and facing resultant emotional distress) by moving them to a temporary home schooling environment, allowing them to complete our accelerated program, then later transition back into regular school while sustaining the gains they made as a result of our treatment process.

Our accelerated treatment program allows children to improve their academic capabilities in a relatively short period of time, then return to regular school with newly acquired skills and self-confidence required to succeed with their academic challenges.

For out-of-town patients, the summer break between school years is an ideal time to visit the Drake Institute and complete our accelerated treatment program. For local families with hectic schedules, the summer break can be an easier time to get their child helped before the new school year arrives, especially since the child can visit the Drake Institute for treatment at any time during the day.

Children who complete our accelerated treatment program over the summer typically return to school with significantly improved capabilities and greatly improved self-confidence, allowing them to much more capably overcome the challenges of the new academic year in the fall.

What Does the Accelerated Program Look Like?

Under our accelerated program, children receive treatments 5 to 6 days per week, prompting their brains to develop stronger and improved functional connections more rapidly, especially due to daily reinforcement, allowing clinical improvement to occur faster and stabilize sooner.

Our accelerated treatment is also preferable for children and adolescents with low self-esteem, or who have become discouraged about their life and future, because these children will experience improvement sooner, and more easily, due to receiving reinforcing treatment on a daily basis.

As the treatment takes root, symptom improvement for hyperactivity, impulsivity, mood swings and focusing problems tends to stabilize extremely quickly. Typically, both parents and children with ADD/ADHD or Autism tend to experience significant reductions in stress more quickly, as disruptive experiences and troubled home life tends to stabilize more quickly.

Because our brain map-guided neurofeedback treatment process relies on the brain using itself and its own resources for healing (rather than outside sources like drugs), our process has been called a “natural ADHD treatment for children”, but unlike many of the other “natural” treatments, ours is rooted in clinical medicine and has been proven to be highly effective.

Drake also makes it a priority to titrate (reduce) medication-based treatments faster during the intensive accelerated treatment program, allowing children to be free of unwanted side effects sooner, which often significantly improves their quality of life. It’s not uncommon for medications to be eliminated entirely during the accelerated treatment program, without sacrificing any of the positive results that they previously provided.

If your child struggled this past year with homework, task completion due to frequent redirection, difficulty concentrating, or underachievement, then you should make it a priority to obtain an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan from the Drake Institute.

Our individualized treatment programs are based on a comprehensive clinical evaluation and the results of a qEEG brain map analysis which identifies the location of any abnormal brainwave patterns connected with the patient’s symptoms. We use this data to generate optimal treatment protocols with neurofeedback therapy (EEG biofeedback) to improve your child’s symptoms.

While our treatment procedures utilize the latest, state-of-the-art technology, the Drake Institute treats each patient as an individual, providing them with the compassion and respect that they deserve.

To get the help that you or your loved one needs, please call 1-800-700-4233 to set up your screening consultation at no charge.

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Dr. David Velkoff our Medical Director and co-founder, supervises all evaluation procedures and treatment programs. Dr. Velkoff earned his Masters degree in Psychology from the California State University at Los Angeles in 1975, and his Doctor of Medicine degree from Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta in 1976. Dr. Velkoff completed his postgraduate work on Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of California Medical Center at Irvine. He then shifted his specialty to Behavioral Medicine and underwent training at the Menninger Clinic in Topeka, Kansas to learn biofeedback technology. In 1980, he co-founded the Drake Institute of Behavioral Medicine.

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